Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward AND Awesome Thursday

  • The bird poop on my window. I'd like rain to wash it away but if it doesn't tonight then I'm getting a car wash!

  • My work id picture. Its blury but I had just woken up and, its just weird. Also the McDonalds bag on my floor. That breakfast was way awkward.

  • Me having to listen to my audits today at work. I sound super awkward on the phones some days. I dont know how people listen to me.
  • I said hi to someone on the way in to the building today and she just looked away. Way Awkward.
  • Entering my pin in wrong at the store today. Nothing more embarrassing than "its been declined" when I remember OH my pin changed on me after 5 years, thats right. Lets try that again.

  • My face in that picture above. 

  • We recently got back our pictures we got done with my Dad and family. Plus our individual ones. Fun! I also love these mirror boxes.

  •  That my braid turned out sweet today. It's hard to see here but from yesterdays post, It worked.

  • The way it looks outside right now. Stunning. So stunning.
  • Getting to sit in and Job Shadow today with the training class. I hope to do that one day.
  • That its Pay Day!! Even though I dont get to keep much of it, its still fun to get money! $$$
  • That I plan to redo my bedside table this weekend. Cant wait! :)
  • This picture, its just the epitome of awesome.

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