Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Weekend..

Friday, didnt do anything.
Saturday, went to see Thor with my work. It was a pretty good film. I liked it. Then later me and J got Taco Bell and I went to visit my father and family before their long trip to Cali. (wish I was going)

This is the time where I obtained this photo of my lovely, hilarious niece.

Sunday, today, we went to visit my mother-in-law Maureen for mothers day. Did some laundry while there. Watched the Mavericks sweep the Lakers=highlight of my day. Then went to see my mum at me grandma's. It was a lovely time. Happy Mothers Day all you mommies. I am so happy to have a caring mother like my own and for all she has done for me. I got her some beautiful flowers.

Jordan went golfing on Saturday and look how funny these are.

I also did a little bit of shopping at TJ's on Saturday, I got a cute summer shirt, shorts, and this great find for my necklaces and earings. (below) I saw THE cutest lamp IN the world. Its literally all I can think about so I might go back and get it this week. I also saw the cutest jewelry box, all made of mirrors. Man, my withdrawals just all were springing at me all at once. I'm also in the market for cute designed towels and want to cover my pillows on my couch in cute fabric. The joys of being and adult :)

Today I learned:
  • People have it worse. A lot of people. So be grateful.
  • Also, be open minded. It's too easy to not be. 
  • Work hard for something if you want it.

Well, I'm gonna see if I can get caught up on HELLCATS and ANTM before I hit the sheets. :) Have a great Sunday night.


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Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts said...

I LOVE the necklace holder! Does it have peace signs on it?! I LOVE! I will help you cover your pillows too! :)