Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, looks like we are moving.. Scary for me. We've been here since we got married in 2009 and now their being douches so we've found a new place last minute. It'll cut our rent down 100 buckaroos. We would be getting a home right now but a series of events put us back, we are on track for next year and uber excited! It'll just be another year, so why not rent cheaper for that time period. I still cant help but feel uncomfortable, almost all changes make me feel that way, but I am so happy to have Jordan as a constant support. On top of that my family and friends are already willing to help us out so it should be a fun little new adventure. We'll be further west which also freaks me out because its in the middle of no where. But like my dadda told me, Sometimes bad times bring new opportunities.

I love randomly going through some of my old things.
I have about 10 Sketch books and I found this.
I used to be pretty talented.

I almost wore this to work, then decided probably too much, especially with the brown leggings.
SO I changed.

I've recently become in love with nail polish.
I am wearing the pink one right now, SO cute!
Both of these only $4 together.

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