Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jour Vingt-Deux


I'm not sure if I'd be considered different than everyone else by an outside source but me myself have always felt like I am very different than everyone else. I have a hard time making friends cause of this. I just never really felt like I fit anywhere. But I guess some of the things that make me different are ...

$$-I can't sleep in a bed unless its made, it freaks me out.
$$-I sometimes video tape myself dancing and singing like a tard then watch it a couple times and delete it.. sometimes. Sometimes I keep them.
$$-I consider myself a cameleon, I change colors to adjust to everyone around me. Sometimes it makes it hard for me to be myself.
$$-I spend my free time alone painting, cleaning, or listening to music.
$$-I love the smell of windex, chlorine, and gasoline.
$$-I have more freckles on my body than stars in the sky.
$$-I have had a gun pointed at me before I was even 14 years old.

Not sure if their different but its a few things.

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