Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jour Vingt-Six

What I think about my friends...

I only have a few friends like literally, I could count them on one hand. AND most of them are family. So I think my friends are great. I don't make them very easily and I'm glad that I have them :)

SIDE NOTE: How come every time theres even a smidge of water on the ground traffic is like ten times as bad??? LIKE seriously everyone? AUghhh! I can tell already this is going to be a stressful winter as far as traffic goes. People drive me literally insane! And I am not exaggerating. Yugh.

BUT I am excited to announce that Jordan got hired at my Job SelectHealth! YAYYE!!! I am so excited!!! We will be able to have the same schedule and I am looking forward to having all those normal things that married people have. EX: going to bed at the same time, spending holidays together, spending weekends together, Having date nights on fridays. OMG! Here comes the best of our lives :)

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