Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still A Nub

I still haven't quite gotten this blog thing down. I think its fun to play with but I don't know how to do cute pages and what not. Maybe with time.. ANY way! What I've been upto lately. Oh and also I'm not sure if anyone besides me even views this page. Hahah. So I kind of feel like I'm writing to myself. ANY way! I've been upto lots of changes lately! I got a new job! Haleluja! (or however you spell it) I was working 2 jobs and it was killing me softly. I would get almost 55 hours a week and made less than I will be now. :) Jordan Also got transfered to a day position at his job and will be getting more hours. So we are doing great! HOWever.. My dumbass car broke down on me today. I don't know how severe it will be to fix but hope to find out tomorrow. Our lease is up at the end of April so we have also been searching for a place to be our home. We want to look into houses but decided we should save up for a downpayment so hopefully SOON! How crazy, Me with my own house. Well and jordans :) But I'm just a KID! Aren't I? Well I love babysitting my niece and Amy (her mom) NEVER lets me. Haha jk, but really. Anyway.. I love my training for me new joob. Errbody's super awesome and I'm going to be sad when its over. Me and Jordan got free tickets to the REAL openin game and we've never been to a game so that should be fun on April 10th. A day before his bday. We've been married just over 6 months now. Thats not too long but it went super fast! I LOOOOVE IT! :)

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