Saturday, June 27, 2009

2 Becoming 1

Me and Jordan have set a date to become a married couple! We are both so very excited. Unfortunately, we aren't getting much financial help, but everyone wants to help anyway they can. We are so grateful for those who are supportive 100 percent. For some reason, in our day, people thinks its crazy to marry the one you love... Go figure. Haha. Back to my point, we are going to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon!

Just us 2 in a beautiful ocean view room right on the shore. I am looking forward to starting the journey of our lives together and I just love him so much more than anyone could ever know. It is going to be a different way of living, being that I've never moved out of my house I'm in right now. It will be sad to leave but I am looking forward to all the memories me and my soon to be husband can create.

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